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Notebooks creates a home base to collect, build, share, and iterate on your designs in one place.

Evolve design in real time

Record important decisions about the design direction, so that everyone has visibility into how the work evolved. Open and resolve comments to keep the conversation going, or request a formal review for each step in the process.

Notebooks resolve comments UI
Notebooks request review UI

Create a curated record of work

Notebooks keeps a record of requested changes or approvals, and tracks decisions made during each iteration. Share an up-to-date, curated project at every stage of the process in Notebooks to avoid confusing your audience or chasing down old versions of designs.

Align across teams and tools

Drive alignment across the teams you work closest with no matter what tool they use. Figma, Sketch, and Jira integrations string together design versions and the context around them, with the tickets that make them come to life.

Notebooks integrations workflow UI

Notebooks gives free test drives.

Finally, there's a space to explain your work, manage feedback, and measure what matters.

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