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Clearly define your projects with Notebooks

Rube Goldberg style illustration

Build the foundation of your projects by gathering the teams, tools, research, and designs in a single place.

Define design projects

Mobilize your team with clear plans and strong alignment from the start of your projects. Collect your frames and artboards into a Notebook, then contextualize and collaborate on the direction of your project.

Notebooks Figma and Sketch integration with dominos overlaying the product UI
Notebooks Product UI

Bring everyone into the process

Create an inclusive process with designers and non-designers alike. Unlimited viewers and public share links make your work — and the decisions around your work — accessible to your stakeholders.

Facilitate faster decisions

Build the habit of continuous collaboration between teams to ship faster and prevent stalling your projects. Combine your research, goals, and designs in a notebook, and continuously iterate to drive faster decisions.

Product UI showing multiple editors in Abstract Notebooks

Notebooks gives free test drives.

Finally, there's a space to explain your work, manage feedback, and measure what matters.

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