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Create alignment with Notebooks

Rube Goldberg style illustration

Get faster approvals, focused feedback, and illustrate the impact of your designs to move projects forward.

Better feedback, fewer frames

Request reviews or annotate specific frames alongside the context that inspired its design. Curate the work you want stakeholders to focus on so they focus on providing the feedback you need rather than getting lost in your frames.

Notebooks request review UI
Notebooks sharing research UI

Share the research behind designs

Demonstrate the reasons behind your decisions alongside the resulting designs. Share the whole of your vision with frames, artboards, research, and the decisions made along the way.

Design and tickets – all in one place

Reveal your work alongside the steps it took to build it. Keep the attention of your stakeholders in one platform so that you can gather the input you need.

Notebooks integrations UI

Notebooks gives free test drives.

Finally, there's a space to explain your work, manage feedback, and measure what matters.

Car dashboard with fuzzy dice illustration