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Branches Release Notes

October 28, 2021
Updated Slack Integration for Notebooks

The updated Slack integration for Abstract Notebooks automatically shares notifications for notebook reviews to one or more of your Slack channels of choice, and unfurls Notebook links pasted into Slack.

October 14, 2021
Tables in Notebooks

Sometimes your ideas need a little more structure. Whether you need to track a project, take structured notes, or organize data sets, tables are a great way to organize your thoughts. Notebooks users can now add and delete tables in their Notebook by selecting the table icon in the context menu. Tables can be retrofitted to your requirements by resizing columns, adding cell colors, and multi-selecting rows, columns, and cells.

October 11, 2021
Public Link Previews
  • When a Notebooks user pastes a publicly shared URL from a variety of popular sites, Notebooks will render the preview of the content from the URL.
  • We have ensured we have support for public links the following providers and content types: Figma Files, Figma Prototypes, Loom videos, YouTube videos, Trello boards, Giphy, and Spotify. However, in addition to these core providers, we support public link previews for URLs from over 1900 providers.
  • September 27, 2021
    Improvements to Decisions, Custom Templates, and URLs
    • Added the ability to edit and delete recorded decision blocks.  While it's important to maintain the history of decisions in an initiative, sometime you need to correct a typo or add clarifying details or links.
    • Updated the custom templates administration page to warn administrators of unsaved template changes, improve cursor movement between title and template body, and add hover text to edit and delete icons to improve accessibility.
    • Users can now highlight text in a Notebook, paste a URL from the clipboard, and the text will become a link.
    August 26, 2021
    Image Drag and Drop Updates

    Images and designs are vital components to a building out a Notebook and explaining your work. We have improved the drag and drop functionality when repositioning images and designs in a Notebook to make interacting with these components easier. Here are a few updates we made to improve repositioning images and designs:

    • When an image or design selected, the curser will become a hand-grab curser .
    • The image or design selected will dim to illustrate that it is selected.
    • A thumbnail preview of the design will display it is repositioned
    • The cursor will reflect the exact location where the item will be repositioned to.
    August 24, 2021
    Add content from FigJam

    Participants in the FigJam Plugin Beta can now use the Abstract Notebooks plugin for Figma to add content and groups to Notebooks from FigJam.

    August 12, 2021
    Public Share Links

    Notebooks contributors can now edit their Notebook settings to share a Notebook to anyone with the Notebook link. Unauthenticated users viewing a Notebook will be able to read the contents of the Notebook (written and image content, comments, and reviews) but will not have edit access. These unauthenticated users can create an account and request organization access to edit the Notebook.

    August 5, 2021
    Decisions section

    Contributors can now add decisions to Notebooks to show how and why a design choice was made. Notebook participants can view the series of decisions made in new section at the top of the Notebook.  Record a decision title and, if desired, additional information about why, where, and how the decision was made.  You can even link to detailed conversations, whether those are in a Review, Comment, meeting recording, chat thread, or elsewhere.

    July 27, 2021
    Collapsible Reviews section

    We've collapsed the Reviews section at the top of the notebook to show only the most recent review by default.  You can click "View all" to expand and view each of the notebook's existing reviews.  We've also moved the "Request review" button next to the status selector to make more room for the notebook's title.

    July 23, 2021
    Abstract Home, Reviews, and Custom Templates

    Abstract Home

    • Design isn’t linear.  Moving from project to project as well as designing and building in tandem can lead to losing track of where we started. On Abstract Home, your most recently viewed notebooks and pressing action items are listed for you so that you can continue where you left off.


    • Notebook reviewers can now see all their reviews at a glance on the review tab. Reviews are categorized by Assigned to me, My Reviews, and Completed reviews. Users of both Branches and Notebooks can toggle between the reviews that are visible.

    Custom Templates

    • Templates save teams time and ensure that Notebooks have consistent content.  Enterprise organizations can now extend the default set of Notebook templates to include custom-defined templates which meet the specific needs of their organizations.
    July 15, 2021
    Resolve comments

    Notebooks Contributors can now resolve individual comments made by themselves or others within a Notebook to indicate that the comment does not require further conversation.

    February 9, 2022

    Fixed a crash scenario when saving files from sketch.

    March 2, 2021

    This release of the Abstract Versions desktop app contains a few bug fixes and improvements.


    • Updated the name of our Sketch plugin to Abstract Versions, to make way for our upcoming Notebooks plugin.
    • Added support for XD version 36 and beyond.


    • Resolved issues causing some artboards and changes to be lost after committing.
    • Re-enabled the keyboard shortcut cmd + enter for submitting the quick commit form.
    • Updated broken Help Center links in the XD plugin.
    • Fixed an issue causing an alert dialog to appear when saving a tracked file in Sketch.
    • Resolved an issue where the Sketch commit bar did not show the project name for certain libraries after opening from Sketch.

    January 26, 2021

    New Features

    • We've added Apple Silicon architecture support for Abstract CLI and Sketch plugin
    • We improved how you move around the app with a unified global navigation and theme


    • Contributors are now able to open a file untracked while the same file has already been opened tracked


    • Fixed a bug where the commit window would appear on the wrong screen when using an external display

    November 24, 2020


    • Abstract now supports XD 35.


    • Abstract will now share a more helpful error message if an action fails because it requires a local Sketch installation.
    • Fixed an issue where Inspect would show an incorrect background fill color on a symbol instance after an override was removed from the master symbol.

    November 4, 2020

    🌊 We’ve added Big Sur support! This includes a new application icon as well as speed enhancements to the Quick Commit window via a new, native Sketch plugin.

    Bug Fixes

    • Added support for Adobe XD v34
    • Fixed a bug where components from Abstract libraries couldn’t be used in the insert window
    • We no longer force cleanup untracked libraries that are still being used
    • Fixed a bug where Sketch Cloud links were breaking after committing and re-opening the same file
    • Fixed a rare issue where Sketch would crash after upgrading a file’s version
    • When using Big Sur the Quick Commit window will now return focus to Sketch
    • Resolve diverged branch button will now always displays as it should without restart
    • Project context menus now match throughout the app
    • Fixed a bug where an update from master would remove artboards without the conflict resolution flow

    September 22, 2020

    Experience better app stability with the bug fixes and behind the scenes improvements we're shipping this release.


    • Enabled Abstract support for Sketch v69.
    • Enabled Abstract support for XD v33
    • Added support for adding, editing, and removing Sketch color variables in the commit history, and linking color variables through libraries.
    • Added support for ignored assistants in Sketch.
    • We made some tweaks to improve performance when generating assets.
    • Adding new colleagues to Abstract? They’ll now see an onboarding tutorial.

    Bug Fixes

    • Resolved a handful of sync issues that would occur when attempting to pull project data.
    • Fixed a bug where progress toasts remained visible on uncommitted changes errors until the app was refreshed.
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent the commit footer from appearing despite having changes to commit.
    • Fixed a bug where users were able to add removed layers to a collection.
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent fullscreen collection presentation to cover the entire window.
    • Fixed a rare race condition that would cause comments to instead display an error.

    September 22, 2020


    • Fixed a bug that would occasionally ask users to update a file’s Sketch version to the same version when Updating from Master; the app will now suggest updating your Sketch version.
    • Fixed a bug where linked library symbols wouldn’t appear in the Insert menu.
    • Fixed broken links that point to our Help Center.
    August 31, 2020

    We’ve made some big performance improvements to commit speed. And, over the next few weeks, we’ll continue rolling out updates to opening, renaming, deleting, and merging files. With Reporting, we’re also surfacing data that gives Admins the ability to see the status of work across the team.


    • Reporting: Enterprise admins can now see team activity on projects, branches, and commits, both at the organization and contributor levels (viewable on the web only).


    • We’ve been rolling out changes over the last few weeks to make opening files, interacting with files, and creating commits much faster.
    • Abstract now fully supports Adobe XD v32.


    • Fixed an error when updating Adobe XD files based on an invalid version number.
    • Prevents an error that occur on projects where files had been opened untracked.
    • Fixed “Project could not be unsynced” error.

    August 11, 2020

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed sync error on High Sierra.
    • Opening a file untracked will no longer fail to sync master branch.

    August 4, 2020

    Clarity is key and, this release, we’re helping you bring more of it to your team. With Sketch Hotspot support you can now present designs the way they’re intended to work. Plus, we’ve added comment resolution so you can focus on the feedback that needs your attention 🙌


    • We added support for resolving comments.
    • When presenting a collection you can now navigate designs by clicking through hotspots that were created in Sketch.
    • Can’t think of a commit message? We made them optional.


    • Support for Adobe Xd 31.
    • Added support for Sketches new “tint” feature.
    • Added support for storing and merging Sketch assistants and embedded fonts.
    • We added tooltip with user's name to everywhere that avatars appear.
    • Inspect will now adjust redlines for "No symbol" overrides inside of symbols with horizontal smart layout enabled.

    Bug Fixes

    • New new sidebar navigation now ensures that the active project is always in view by default.
    • We continued to fix individual issues that can happen during syncing.
    • Fixed an issue where clicking the share link for a previous commit in a collection layer brings the user to the collection page rather than layer detail.
    • Resolved an issue where opening Abstract on the developer’s beta of macOS Big Sur crashed the application immediately; work is still on-going to fully support Big Sur before its release.

    July 1, 2020

    Continuing in the spirit of ease and flow— this release, we’re making it easier to focus on your top priorities by adding them as favorites to our new sidebar navigation. We’re also completing the roll out of smarter syncing and bringing your projects up to speed, at speed. We smashed a few pesky bugs along the way, too.


    • We rethought project navigation to make it easier to jump between projects and reduce clicks. Be sure to favorite projects you use the most to pin them in the sidebar and make the most of the new design.
    • We added the ability to restore a single file to a previous commit
    • A new "My branches" card was added to project overviews to make it faster to get back to your previous work.
    • Continued rollout of smarter syncing – we’ve removed the need to manually sync projects in order to browse them and reduced the total data download needed to a minimum.


    • We made it easier to leave a comment in present mode with a new input that’s displayed when the comment sidebar is collapsed
    • The 'About' card on project overviews is now collapsible
    • It’s now possible to share a link directly to present mode, just click the “share” icon when presenting a collection
    • The in-app commit form has now gained the ability to jump to individual changed files
    • Files that have not yet been changed on a branch are now displayed on branch overviews
    • It’s now possible to filter projects in the “Link Library” interface
    • We’ve continued to make improvements to UI performance
    • All projects now show as options in the “Link Library” interface, previously only projects you’d explicitly chosen to “sync” appeared here.
    • Linked library dependencies are now automatically synced when changed by another contributor
    • We’ve removed one step when updating your branches from Master, to make it easier and faster.
    • We’re introducing a new master icon to make the context clearer.

    Bug Fixes

    • Local project data is now removed automatically when a project is archived
    • Fixed a display issue on the active outline on collection cards
    • Fixed an issue where the changed diff in inspect would flip added/removed items
    • Fixed an issue with “quick synced” projects where it would not be possible to open a file in desktop from the web app
    • Fixed an issue where multi-select using the shift key could select layers that had been visually filtered out.
    • The “Clear Database Cache” command now clears more data than before
    • Fixed an issue that would prevent files being imported from locations on disk that include a comma in the file path
    • Improved the error messaging when attempting to add more than 100 layers to a collection
    • Fixed an infinite loading state when upgrading or downgrading a users contributor role
    • Nested symbol master assets from an external project now load correctly in inspect
    • Point releases of Sketch and XD will now get automatic upgrade commits when opening files in the new application version.