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Branches Release Notes

October 28, 2021
Updated Slack Integration for Notebooks

The updated Slack integration for Abstract Notebooks automatically shares notifications for notebook reviews to one or more of your Slack channels of choice, and unfurls Notebook links pasted into Slack.

October 14, 2021
Tables in Notebooks

Sometimes your ideas need a little more structure. Whether you need to track a project, take structured notes, or organize data sets, tables are a great way to organize your thoughts. Notebooks users can now add and delete tables in their Notebook by selecting the table icon in the context menu. Tables can be retrofitted to your requirements by resizing columns, adding cell colors, and multi-selecting rows, columns, and cells.

October 11, 2021
Public Link Previews
  • When a Notebooks user pastes a publicly shared URL from a variety of popular sites, Notebooks will render the preview of the content from the URL.
  • We have ensured we have support for public links the following providers and content types: Figma Files, Figma Prototypes, Loom videos, YouTube videos, Trello boards, Giphy, and Spotify. However, in addition to these core providers, we support public link previews for URLs from over 1900 providers.
  • September 27, 2021
    Improvements to Decisions, Custom Templates, and URLs
    • Added the ability to edit and delete recorded decision blocks.  While it's important to maintain the history of decisions in an initiative, sometime you need to correct a typo or add clarifying details or links.
    • Updated the custom templates administration page to warn administrators of unsaved template changes, improve cursor movement between title and template body, and add hover text to edit and delete icons to improve accessibility.
    • Users can now highlight text in a Notebook, paste a URL from the clipboard, and the text will become a link.
    August 26, 2021
    Image Drag and Drop Updates

    Images and designs are vital components to a building out a Notebook and explaining your work. We have improved the drag and drop functionality when repositioning images and designs in a Notebook to make interacting with these components easier. Here are a few updates we made to improve repositioning images and designs:

    • When an image or design selected, the curser will become a hand-grab curser .
    • The image or design selected will dim to illustrate that it is selected.
    • A thumbnail preview of the design will display it is repositioned
    • The cursor will reflect the exact location where the item will be repositioned to.
    August 24, 2021
    Add content from FigJam

    Participants in the FigJam Plugin Beta can now use the Abstract Notebooks plugin for Figma to add content and groups to Notebooks from FigJam.

    August 12, 2021
    Public Share Links

    Notebooks contributors can now edit their Notebook settings to share a Notebook to anyone with the Notebook link. Unauthenticated users viewing a Notebook will be able to read the contents of the Notebook (written and image content, comments, and reviews) but will not have edit access. These unauthenticated users can create an account and request organization access to edit the Notebook.

    August 5, 2021
    Decisions section

    Contributors can now add decisions to Notebooks to show how and why a design choice was made. Notebook participants can view the series of decisions made in new section at the top of the Notebook.  Record a decision title and, if desired, additional information about why, where, and how the decision was made.  You can even link to detailed conversations, whether those are in a Review, Comment, meeting recording, chat thread, or elsewhere.

    July 27, 2021
    Collapsible Reviews section

    We've collapsed the Reviews section at the top of the notebook to show only the most recent review by default.  You can click "View all" to expand and view each of the notebook's existing reviews.  We've also moved the "Request review" button next to the status selector to make more room for the notebook's title.

    July 23, 2021
    Abstract Home, Reviews, and Custom Templates

    Abstract Home

    • Design isn’t linear.  Moving from project to project as well as designing and building in tandem can lead to losing track of where we started. On Abstract Home, your most recently viewed notebooks and pressing action items are listed for you so that you can continue where you left off.


    • Notebook reviewers can now see all their reviews at a glance on the review tab. Reviews are categorized by Assigned to me, My Reviews, and Completed reviews. Users of both Branches and Notebooks can toggle between the reviews that are visible.

    Custom Templates

    • Templates save teams time and ensure that Notebooks have consistent content.  Enterprise organizations can now extend the default set of Notebook templates to include custom-defined templates which meet the specific needs of their organizations.
    July 15, 2021
    Resolve comments

    Notebooks Contributors can now resolve individual comments made by themselves or others within a Notebook to indicate that the comment does not require further conversation.

    February 9, 2022

    Fixed a crash scenario when saving files from sketch.

    May 1, 2019

    This update returns the "Collections" tab to an individual Branch's view.


    • We restored the "Collections" tab in the branch menu
    April 30, 2019

    Public sharing is the star of 79.0. This month on the blog, we’re sharing how content designers and UX writers can partner with designers in Abstract to take customer experiences from good to great.

    New Features


    • Admins now have the ability to delete comments. ✂️
    • We made headings more consistent.
    • You no longer need to manually resolve conflicting Library symbols when updating a Branch.


    • Fixed several issues with Branch updating that caused files that weren’t edited to be marked as Changed.
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Branches to fail loading, incorrectly showing that no files had been Changed.
    April 16, 2019


    • Performance improvements for Collections, and Branch update flow.
    • The sign-in screen got a facelift.
    • You can now toggle measurement units between px, pt, and dp using Inspect Options.
    • You can now toggle color formats between Hex, Hex (ARGB) and RGB using Inspect Options.
    • You can now double-click to select a file in the libraries picker.
    • We improved empty states for Organizations, Projects, and Sections.
    • You can now create new Organizations from the desktop app.
    • We refined emoji reactions. 💅
    • We standardized cursor styles throughout the app.
    • Release notes: We polished the look of release notes and made them available from the Help menu.
    • Inspect: You can now hold CMD when hovering to ignore groups when mousing over redlines.


    • Committing is no longer delayed when the Abstract desktop app is on a secondary desktop or hidden.
    • Copy Link… for comments and layers works again.
    • Fixed an error that occurred when attempting to open multiple files at the same time.
    • We fixed the need to hide some characters behind the limit countdown when you type a really long Commit title.
    • The Branch name was sometimes missing in the confirmation modal for restoring a Commit. Now, it’s always displayed.
    • Sections ordering now takes into account numbers and latin characters.
    • Libraries in the “Manage Libraries” dialog are now sorted correctly.
    • We polished Dark Mode in a few more places.
    • Fixed a rare scenario where the Commit window would never load changes.
    • Fixed an issue where previews would not generate on the advanced Commit form when the same file is opened from two Branches at once.
    March 28, 2019


    • We fixed the sorting of projects so that it’s no longer reversed
    • Window vibrancy now behaves correctly with a dark menu bar in High Sierra
    • Fixed up a couple of spots where dark mode didn’t look it’s best
    March 19, 2019

    New features all around: Assets, Dark Mode, and Emoji Reactions 🙌. We teamed up with our female-identifying teammates to redesign our app icon in honor of Women’s History Month. And we’re continuing the celebration by sharing Employee Spotlights all month, so be sure to keep your eyes on our blog.

    New Features

    • Assets
    • Dark Mode
    • Emoji reactions


    • We focused on file loading performance in this build and put several improvements in place.
    • We combined the Project “About” and “Description” fields into a single “Description” field to reduce clutter.
    • You’re now automatically logged into the desktop app when you click the “Open in MacOS” button.
    • When you view changed files on a Branch, you’ll now see any artboards that were deleted from the Branch.
    • When you click Reviews from the left side bar in Abstract, you’ll now see the review requests assigned to you as the default view.
    • When you search for a Project, your search term will now be highlighted in the results.
    • Present: The cursor now hides itself when idle and presenting a Collection. (No more folks thinking it’s part of your design!)
    • Inspect: Now, you can only access locked layers through the layer tree, and you can click through them by default.
    • Inspect: We improved panning performance.
    • You’ll no longer see a new “Untitled Document” open alongside your own Sketch file when opening files from Abstract.
    • Collections: Collections on a branch will now be visible from the branch overview tab so it’s easier to find and share your work!


    • We improved proxy support (again!), adding support for Windows proxies.
    • Projects made private on the Business plan can now be made visible to the team again on the Starter plan and are no longer forever stuck private.
    • We removed the option to review a Branch that has already been merged.
    • We fixed an issue where comments might not load correctly immediately after your computer’s power has been suspended.
    • The sorting of Organizations in the dropdown switcher now takes capitalization into account.
    • Non-Contributors can no longer create a Branch by double-clicking files on Master. This was a sneaky workaround for a while.
    • It’s no longer possible to create a Commit with a single space character as the title—you’ll need to write something from now on.
    • We fixed an issue that could cause blank Projects to appear in the syncing activity menu.
    • Double-clicking fast on “Create Branch” or “New Project” will no longer create duplicates.
    • We fixed an issue that happened when you scrolled back a long way in the activity feed.
    • If saving from Sketch to Abstract fails for some reason, we’ll now let you know.
    • If you make changes in Sketch but don’t save them and then reopen the file from Abstract, your changes will no longer be lost.
    • Changed layers are now highlighted correctly again in the Inspect ta
    February 15, 2019


    • When you go to a Branch in Abstract, Branch owners will now land in the Overview tab.


    • We restored support for macOS Sierra and El Capitan.
    • Some were seeing unedited artboards marked as “changed” upon save in Sketch 53. We fixed this issue.
    • The application was crashing for some, causing data to never finish loading. We’ve fixed this.
    • “Calculating changes…” should now complete when updating Branches that new files were added to.
    • Inspect: The original symbol name is now preserved when displaying overrides.
    • We restored some missing icons in upgrade and export file dialogs to their former glory.
    February 5, 2019

    Improvements to Collections, Inspect, Review Requests, and loads of fixes. We’re also celebrating Black History Month with our first Black History Month-themed App Icon, created in partnership with our African American teammates. Be sure to check out our blog for Employee Spotlights all month.


    • Performance improvements to speed up your workflow.
    • You’ll see a new filter to help you find your favorite’d Projects, quick.
    • We refreshed the Project card design.
    • “Reviews” in the left sidebar now show outstanding Review Requests.
    • We’re using new iconography for files and Libraries.
    • We reduced the file size of the Abstract binary.
    • Admins can now delete and archive Branches owned by others.
    • We cleared up the in-app messaging when sync is delayed due to server load.
    • If you view an archived or merged Branch, it now shows up temporarily in the left sidebar.
    • We improved proxy support.


    • You shouldn’t have any more trouble in Abstract when you try to load a Sketch 53 file with only Sketch 52 installed.
    • We improved our error messaging when you try to import non-supported files.
    • Archived Projects are no longer displayed in the Library picker.
    • Collections: You can now scroll while dragging when reordering artboards in Collections.
    • Inspect: We fixed some rounding errors. Maths. 😅
    • Inspect: You shouldn’t see duplicate fully transparent color swatches any longer.
    • Some were experiencing data loading failures because the home directory couldn’t be found. We’ve fixed the issue.
    • Syncing was failing for some very large Commits due to a memory leak. We patched it right up.
    • The timestamp in your Branch header now correctly shows when the Branch was created, not last updated.
    January 22, 2019


    • We added support for the upcoming Sketch 53


    • Fixed an issue that could result in focusing the incorrect Sketch window when opening from Abstract
    December 11, 2018

    Welcome to the December edition of Abstract! We've made a number of feature enhancements and fixes in this build. For a quick summary, check out our blog post or read on for all the details.

    New Features

    • Commit changes without leaving Sketch using our new quick commit window
    • Create Collections faster by selecting layers to add first in the new "Create+Add” flow
    • Update Library references by right-clicking a file and selecting “Manage Libraries…"


    • It’s now possible to deselect layers when Multi-selecting with shift + click
    • We removed the 3 character minimum on project names
    • Added a button to jump from collections to inspect a layer
    • Clicking on an annotation will now scroll so the comment is in view
    • The Sketch plugin now communicates when a commit is happening in the background
    • Comment and history panels are now resizable
    • You’ll find that the color green throughout the app is more accessible for your peepers


    • Using the CMD+O shortcut from within a layer detail will now open the file for editing in Sketch
    • We fixed several issues that could occur when opening Sketch files
    • We now display an error when the Sketch plugin fails to install, instead of silently failing
    • The text of an annotation is now selectable and copyable
    • Fixed several areas where long file names could break the UI
    • All warning dialogs now respect macOS guidelines and ESC can be used to cancel
    • It’s now possible to create a project and import files while offline
    • Fixed an issue that would make it impossible to rename files with a “|” character in the name
    • Fixed an issue that would show a “Sketch Not Installed” dialog, when in fact Sketch was installed
    • Fixed several display issues when a contributor deletes their Abstract account
    • Inspect: Fixed several issues with loading local overrides, layer style name, and text style names
    • Inspect: Fixed an issue where “left” alignment would be displayed as “natural”
    • Inspect: Generated css for gradients now respects overall opacity
    • Inspect: It’s now possible to select and copy individual css properties
    • Plugin: We improved dark mode support
    • Plugin: We fixed an issue causing the Abstract plugin to stay on screen after the window is closed
    • Plugin: Fixed an edge case that would allow commits to happen on the master branch

    October 24, 2018


    • Fixed a performance issue which would result in cached files not being used and a slower file opening experience
    • Fixed a performance regression introduced with a libraries change in Sketch 52
    • Fixed an issue that resulted in blank files being opened; this was the result of us not forwarding errors from Sketch correctly and the error will now will displayed instead